The Enneagram is a dynamic personality typing system that describes nine distinct patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. Other personality typing systems, and there are many, talk about what you do. The Enneagram is underneath that. It is about the motivation that drives what you do. If I can understand what is driving you to do what you do, I can help you make lasting changes in your life.

Having insight into your Enneagram type brings greater self-awareness, and works as a change agent to make better or different decisions. It also is helpful in relationships: it helps increase understanding and reduce conflicts in relationships, whether it be with your partner, with your children, with your friends, or with your coworkers. Understanding your type can give insight into your subconscious barriers. It can answer questions like: “How are my motivations not serving me? and “How is my personality a barrier to self-awareness and conflict resolution?”

I became aware of the Enneagram in 2007. Since then I have had hundreds of hours of trainings, workshops, retreats and groups learning about the Enneagram and its complexities.

As part of my services, I can provide Enneagram typing interviews and Enneagram coaching. A typing interview is an hour long session where I will ask you many questions about yourself, what your values are and what motivates and drives you. At the end I will provide you with options to identify your own personality type, and ideas on how you can use that to increase self-awareness. Enneagram coaching will use the knowledge of your type and your strengths and expand on those to assist you in achieving your life goals.

​​Insight Therapeutic Services