​I provide individual, couples, marriage and family therapy and counseling. I serve adults of all ages and adolescents ages 13 to 18. I also provide Enneagram typing interviews and coaching sessions.

The therapeutic process varies widely from person to person. Some clients only need therapy for a short period of time, often when they are going through a difficult life transition. Other people choose to continue for years. The timeline is set by you, the client. As long as you feel you need to come and you are getting a benefit, I will continue to see you. In the initial therapy session, I will ask questions about what is going on with you presently and what problems you would like to resolve as well as questions about your background and significant relationships. From this we will set goals for what you want out of therapy. After the initial session therapy is a conversation led by you with whatever is pressing on you at that moment. I will ask questions to help you come to your own resolution and what works for you. Throughout the course of your counseling, I will continually check in with you to make sure you feel we are on the right track to achieve your goals.

When working with adolescents, I work with the adolescent client and their parents or guardians together. I work with the adolescent on their specific issues, but I also work with the parents or guardians on ways they can best support and understand what their child’s stressors are, what their symptoms are, and what they are going through. I also will offer support to the parents or guardians on best ways they can support their child in the therapeutic process.​

​​Insight Therapeutic Services